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  • Quick & easy to install

  • Rust Proof

  • Chemical resistant and UV stabilised

  • Prevents rips and tears caused by flapping awnings during high winds

  • Haigh Caravan Awning Tensioner - Keep your awning tight and secure, avoiding any rips or tears in extreme weather

    Quick and easy to install, these awning tensioners from Haigh are great for helping to prevent against costly rips & tears and other damage caused by excess movement and flapping of awnings during high winds or other extreme weather conditions, particularly when camping in coastal areas which experience higher wind speeds. With an awning tensioner, you can remain snuggly in bed through the harshest of storms without running out in the wind and rain to secure the awning or make sure it hasn't blown away, ripped or torn.

    These handy little gadgets are rust proof and resistant to salt water corrosion, chemical resistant and UV stabilised to prevent them becoming cracked and brittle, specifically to endure the tough Aussie conditions on the most extreme camping trips and in the worst weather conditions. The Haigh Caravan Awning Tensioners won't damage the fabric of your expensive awning and are an easy to use addition to take out the worry of losing or damaging your awning whilst out camping. Keeping the awning walls tight also allows for optimal drainage of rain water and as much space inside as possible without the walls sagging and drooping inwards.

    When away camping, awnings are a great way of protecting your camping area, maximising space and even providing extra sleeping options for additional guests that won't fit inside the caravan. When setting them up, you'll want to ensure they are tight, strong and secure for optimal performance. The Haigh Caravan Awning Tensioner is a great accessory to make this process a breeze.